Friday, August 28, 2009

satan is a pervert?

As I sat in my car I found myself listening to a little sermon broadcast from a little house of worship somewhere in the world. The topic? Satan is a pervert.

Now, I don't want to spend time discussing religious or political views and to set the record straight I think politics is a social disease and as for religion, I think our little minds are too small to truly comprehend the truth of the universe, therefore any attempt to objectify it is immediately tainted and limiting.

I sat there thinking about this fellow on the radio and was quite entertained at the energy he was putting into a dialogue that was quite unneccessary. He seemed genuinely aggravated about the proclivities of the devil and asked those in attendance to join him in denouncing said activities.

I wondered what would happen if the devil suddenly decided to jump up and pay his back taxes. Surely such a lack of committment to the IRS and the ensuing fees and interests would help pay off the national debt, yes?

What if he stopped in drug peddling, what would all those on anti depressants and restless leg syndrome do if their favorite dealer disappeared?

Prostitution? Would we all have to stop giving up a little of ourselves when we receive or desire something that others have?

Best I think if he stays the way he is. Easily identified, able to make fun of, and the obvious balance for what is good in the world. 

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