Friday, December 14, 2012

Get Over it America

Get over it America. 
Get over your flags at half mast, your feelings of sympathy and the thought that you understand what those parents must be feeling.  Get over those wistful looks you are giving your children tonight thanking God and the Universe that it didn't happen to you.  Get over it. 
Do you know what else these parents are going to be feeling?  Anger.  And that’s okay.  I’m angry.  I’m pissed as hell that I can no longer go to a movie theater or a mall or just walk down the street without looking over my shoulder.  I’m angry that people are being gunned down in mass, like some Nazi Germany death camp in the most powerful nation on Earth and the best we can do is say how tragic it all is.  Get over it.

Everyone knows, come Monday morning, you’ll be worried about your credit card bills, and the gifts you need to buy and the dent in your car door and what one person said about you to another.  And in the end, YOU KNOW, this will just be another in a long list like Columbine, Gabrielle Giffords and Virginia Tech.  You people tolerate so much death. 

Go ahead and mourn the dead, but do it with clenched fists.  And in the morning when you dry your eyes, honor the living.  Embrace your Anger and GET OVER IT.

When I wanted to drive a car I had to spend a full year learning how to do it.  Then I had to take a written test.  Then I had to be accompanied by a person who scored my abilities.   And every few years I have to reapply for the right to drive a car.  And every year I have to send in information that my car is insured and registered. 

Do you know what one of the top Google searches is tonight?  Do you need a license to buy a gun?  Go ahead and join in the query, and then GET OVER IT.

In the coming weeks some will find the strength to forgive.  Not me.  I’m weak like that.  I prefer to assign blame, because there’s lot’s to go around.  If the parent’s of America’s children fail to call for action then the blame of all future deaths is on your hands.  Out damn spot, out. 

Gun owners should demand that there be stricter laws controlling these instruments that are designed for one purpose.  KILLING.  And it did a brilliant job at that today, didn’t it.  GET ANGRY.

These murderers of children are tarnishing the reputation of ALL gun owners.  It is on your backs to weed them out.  No one wants to take your guns away from you.  Lose the paranoia, or lose more children.  What’s your choice?  Get over it.

In the coming weeks everyone will be glued to the television wanting to know more about the victims and more about the shooter and asking “Why did he do it?”  And then maybe you’ll ask “Why doesn’t someone do something about this.”  I’ll tell you why.  Because you’re not ANGRY enough.  You tolerate too much.

Get over it America.  Wipe your tears from your face and embrace the ANGER.  There’s only one person who can do something about this and that’s you.  And if you don’t, you’re as complicit as the guy who pulled the trigger.  Or the next one who does.  This is your legacy.

Now go hug your children, close your eyes and imagine the scene in that classroom.  And GET ANGRY.

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