Monday, November 18, 2013

recipes for my soul

i tackled the age old issue.

on a cold night, should there be liquor in my hot chocolate?

it was an easy answer the minute i saw the old bottle of creme de cacao in the closet.  (closet? or pantry?  it makes me sound like i have flavored alcohol between my poorly folded fitted sheets!)

i could probably just put it all under the heading of beginning a month long celebration towards my birthday.  i crossed a particular line this past saturday.   one month to one year before turning fifty.

here's the thing about living past the point you planned to.  you run the risk of everything being a giant disappointment.

i mean, i was supposed to go out in a flash and a bang and the stories they would tell about me would be legend.  except i'm the only one who remembers these stories because everyone else is dead and instead of being legendary they are just mere memories.

it's been a crappy couple of weeks.  my car was broken into, my wallet stolen, the heater stopped working, the a/c is still broken and i accidently payed a credit card company four hundred dollars instead of forty dollars and now i'm broke broke broke.

also. also i remembered tonight about that one time i took a neighbors cat and dropped it off in another neighborhood.  it got me thinking about how much of an asshole i've been to people including my own family.
the regrets are starting to pop up a bit too regularly for me these days.

it's the issue of old age.

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